I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and to give thanks to God for bringing you into my life. Simply put, you saved my life.

After relapsing on alcohol, I turned insane and was subsequently arrested with a felony charge of breaking into a habitation. In a panic, I searched the Internet for a female lawyer who did not specialize in DUI/DWI cases. Your elegant website drew me in so I called. " Don't you worry, Hon." (I can't remember the endearment you frequently use, or am I imagining this?) Call me as soon as you are formally charged. I'll take it from there." What a blessed, blessed relief.

Colleen, without knowing me from Eve, and no conditions, your staff came and posted bail within hours of my arrest. When I came to your office on Hood Street, I expected to see groups of lawyers and paralegals scurrying around. Instead, I was scooted into your sunny, private office by your warm and friendly assistant, and right away I knew everything really was going to be alright. 

What a wonder watching you work your magic in the courtroom. With confidence and sheer charisma, you negotiated a reduction in my probation from five years to two years. A year later, we walked into the courtroom, and I was free. No more probation. No more nightmares. 

Again, thank you for your unconditional dedication and genuine undivided attention; for giving me back my life; and teaching me what it means to treat others with respect and kindness that you gave me. It is an honor to have you as my life-long lawyer. And God bless the "Girls in the Hood!"



A Profound Lesson

To a stranger, I appear to be a typical college student from middle-class white suburban America. For the last four years, I have attended Texas A&M University seeking a degree in Political Science and English, always with the intention of going to law school. What is not overtly apparent is the important role that my childhood exposure to the American judicial system has played in my decision. The experiences that I faced in my youth have heightened my perception of justice and inspired my unfaltering determination to pursue a career in the field of law. 

As a child I was caught in the middle of a painful custody battle between my parents. At six years of age I remember sitting in a dingy gray lobby reading Highlights magazine with my step-mother and awaiting my interview with the court appointed counselor. I had little understanding of the situation in which I was involved. I do recall, however, the exhaustion in my father's face as he patiently attempted to explain to me that he was doing what was best for me. The friendly counselor seemed to offset my parents' nervousness and I gladly accompanied her to a large room full of toys, unafraid to talk to a complete stranger. 

Throughout the custody battle, I remember many evenings that my parents would meet with our attorney, Colleen Dunbar. Ms. Dunbar saw my struggle and confusion and did everything in her power to ensure that I would be kept out of the custody proceedings, a potentially traumatizing event for a young girl. She was a positive force in my life at that time. It was because of Ms. Dunbar's advocacy that I was removed from a neglectful environment and placed in a stable and loving home. A fierce woman, she seemed larger than life and became my childhood heroine. 

Ms. Dunbar followed through for me yet again when she aided my step-mother in filing for legal guardianship of me. Her persistence and dedication once again fought for my best interest. My youthful introduction to the judicial system formed the foundation for my attraction to the field of law. It is my respect for role models like Colleen Dunbar that has inspired me to want to serve others in the quest for justice. I would like to impact someone's life as positively as Ms. Dunbar has impacted mine. 

It was Gandhi who said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. " Because of Ms. Dunbar's great impact and my parent's guiding hand I have tried to live my life by this statement. The result of her hard work has provided me with a supportive foundation that has inspired the independent and productive young woman that I have become. My development throughout my interaction with Colleen Dunbar and the judicial system has revealed my passion for the law, sense of self and intense dedication to others.



Greatness! Honest! Fair!
Amazing- is what she is called. Smart and very well detailed. Knows her job like the palm of her hand. Through very honest and straight forward, will get you the best outcome than you're expecting. Kept me informed with all that was happening. She had her assistant translate for my mother and she was very good too. My mother did not understand but Colleen's assistant explained very well the situation to my mother and family. Will recommend her to as many people that need a criminal defense attorney. Thank you Ms. Dunbar and your staff too!



Aggessive Attorney. Sympathetic Person. A+++
Colleen fought for me with great tenacity. The outcome: Case Dismissed. With so much experience, she found a way to have my case dropped altogether. Upon first meeting and throughout the case process, Colleen was a true friend. I've never met an attorney who is so real - and human. She was sympathetic, funny, and never once passed judgement on me. It felt very comfortable sitting across from her in the office. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney!


Best Lawyer in Dallas
Wow! I've seen or heard of any attorney fighting as hard for a client as Colleen did for me. She never gave up or gave in, even when I would've. I received an outcome far better than the one I'd hoped for. I'll never recommend another attorney again. Colleen is the best in Dallas! A++++ Thanks!



Hands Down The Best Attorney in Dallas County
A great attorney and an awesome person. She is straight to the point and will fight for you. When you have to put your life basically in another person's hands, she is the one person I could trust. I highly recommend her.